Local search engine optimization-LSEO

Local search engine optimization-LSEO could be a tough game to play. Of course, you want your business to show up when people search for certain words. That can be hard enough and very tricky.

But even if you accomplish that, a blanketed, nationwide approach can be too generic. If your market is one or two specific cities, you want people to find your website or business when they search for your product and your city (“tire fix Chicago,” for example). It’s a waste of money if people in Los Angeles are finding your website and your potential clients in Burr Ridge are not.

More and more often, people want to see local results when they Google something. Nearly 65% of consumers search online to find a local business. More than half of the time, when someone Googles something on their phone, they’re looking for a local result. Your website has to be there!

Don’t stress. We’re experts at local search engine optimization-LSEO – frankly speaking, getting your business to show up in Google when someone in your area searches for something related to you. It can go a long way toward getting you more clients and sales.

These 3 Key Places are very important and we Can Help You achieve that with local search engine optimization-LSEO:


local serch engine optimization-LSEO


This is also known as Google My Business. Google often puts a group of local results in the middle of a page of traditional search results. Google does this either by guessing your location based on your IP address or using the city you typed in (“Toronto pizza”). If you’re having trouble ranking organically, showing up in Google Places is a great way to climb onto the first page of Google results.


This is what you think of when you think of Google results. See the SEO Result above. Sometimes your website can show up in multiple places on a search engine results page — Google Places and a traditional Google ranking (as you can see happening above)!


There are a handful of other ways you can show up in a local search. If your photos and videos are optimized, they could be part of the search results. So could your profile on Yelp or a similar site. We want all of your assets — website, photos, videos, social media, third-party directory listings — to work in your favor to maximize your chances of customers finding you.


Local SEO Services

Here’s what we’ll do for local search engine optimization-LSEO


  • Keyword research. We investigate what your customers are searching for online, down to the exact phrases and words you should be using on your website.
  • Website optimization. We make sure your target keywords are where Google looks for them, including H1 tags, image filenames, alt text, and more.
  • Content creation. We’ll create pages on your site for each city you serve and make sure they’re optimized.
  • Content promotion. We drive traffic to your blog posts and key site pages using a combination of paid and free methods.
  • Link acquisition. We never get spammy, low-quality links for our clients. We reach out to webmasters at trustworthy sites and get them to link to you.
  • Profile listings. We identify the most valuable third-party directories where your business should be, then create listings for you so your customers can find you more easily. If you have listings already, we ensure all of your information is consistent and accurate.
  • Website conversion optimization. What’s standing in the way of people making a purchase, filling out a contact form, or signing up for your newsletter? We examine the process and make it simpler and easier for customers to convert.
  • Reputation management. We monitor mentions and reviews of your brand online to ensure clients are speaking well of you. And while we don’t write fake reviews for our clients, we do make it as easy as possible for your clients to review you. We’ll even write step-by-step instructions for them.
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