Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization SEO is the way to driving customers to your online business 

Finally, you did it. At this point, You have a website, and it’s pretty decent looking. Maybe you’ve even had it for some time now.
But nobody’s visiting it. even so, You get maybe 100 hits a day. And definitely no customers, even after that online directory or your consultant promised to get you results.

for this reason, It’s Time to forget the website, right? Of course NOT!

With some changes – some strategic changes and a lot of hard work — you can make your website show up in the top Google results. It’s called search engine optimization SEO. That translates to leads. Then it’s all worth it and money will start coming in.

In fact, small business owners need search engine optimization SEO. You have to make your website attractive to search engines (Google and Bing and Yahoo!). searching something is the #1-way people will find your website. Search brings more traffic than Facebook, email newsletters, links from other sites, or paid Google ads. So you’ve got to show up when people Google something like “immigration attorney” or “mechanic near me” or “buy Xbox.”

finally, You don’t just want your site to show up — it’s gotta be in the first few results. Out of 10 results on the first page of Google, what percent of people do you think click on the very first result? If you said 15%, that makes sense, but not quite. It gets 35%. And 92% of people who Google something never make it to the second page of results.

Of course, The good news is We as SEO advertising agency can help! actually, We can make your site search-engine-friendly, and with no doubt, a SEO advertising agency will help you start getting new customers from search engines.


search engine optimization SEO

Search Engine Optimization SEO Services
actually here’s how We Cook it:

Keyword research. We start by finding out what your potential customers are searching for. We research very specific phrases — should your site say you offer “Income Tax Service” or “Best Income Tax Service”? Which is more popular? Which has more competition?

Website optimization. In This Step, we check your website to see if It’s using those winning keywords in the right places. If not, we add them in a non-obnoxious way.

Content creation. Do you blog regularly? Do you have your services spelt out in detail anywhere on your site? We can help you with both.

Content promotion. No one will read your blog posts if they just sit there. We push them out on social media and relevant online communities, using ad dollars if needed.

Link acquisition. Time to get high-quality sites to link to yours! We reach out to other webmasters if the site is trustworthy (we’ll never get you Spam links).

Conversion optimization. With simpler, better navigation, we help you turn people from passive website visitors into customers.


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